European Unicorns

Non-existent before the Great Recession of the late 00s, in the past few years we have seen “unicorns”

cropping up in every major European economy. Defined as privately-owned businesses valued by

investors at over $1bn, enthusiastic VC funding is helping to create new ones - each with its own

unique business challenges, ambitions and growing pains.

Given the rate these companies are growing – and the relative opacity afforded by being privately

owned – tracking developments, key personnel and actionable intelligence is a challenge. But, as with

every potential market for your services, the Pearlfinders sales intelligence platform provides all the

essential data and insights to plan and execute 360° business development campaigns.

Our latest special briefing offers a glimpse of the exclusive insight and analysis available on the

platform. We’ve tracked Buying Signals for thirty European unicorns that point to potential opportunities

for marketing services providers and rights-holders.

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Anthony Cooper