Digital Transformation

Worldwide digital transformation could be worth a reported $18 trillion in additional business value –

but which companies are in a position to capitalise?

While the UK remains significantly ahead of the curve when it comes to digital transformation, as it

stands only 50% of the nation’s businesses will be ready to implement more robust infrastructures

following the proposed rollout of 5G in 2020. Uptake of new technologies and priorities vary from

sector to sector – but as digital adoption accelerates, we’re now seeing stark differences on a more

granular level. In the world of finance, challenger banks - unencumbered by legacy systems - are

leading the charge over their more established rivals, while award-winning firms like McAvoy are paving

the way for other digi-phobic companies in the construction industry.

Our latest briefing analyses the digital transformation plans of 25 top UK companies across 5 sectors

- financial services, energy, FCMG, pharmaceutical and construction. Each company is at a different

stage of their digital journey, and we provide insight into the initiatives they are launching and the

technologies they are looking to invest in. In addition, we provide info on each company’s current tech

suppliers and key IT decision-makers – giving you the tools to connect.

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Anthony Cooper