Predictive Targeting 3 | Market Signals

Geo-political upheaval, trade wars, disruptive players and technology coming to market, changes to the regulatory, tax or compliance environment. Whatever else is going on at a company, these forces all have a bearing on the marketing strategy and supplier decisions made.

In the first two instalments of our Predictive Targeting series we examined the signals relating to the people and incumbents associated with individual brands. To detect them we monitor changes large and small at thousands of companies. But what about signals arising from macroeconomic trends or disruptive activity that change the probability of new supplier requirements across entire sectors, markets - even continents?

In this study, we will delve into a selection of the Market Signals we track - exploring how they impact the probability of supplier requirements - with examples of brands affected.

Download PDF: Predictive Targeting 3 | Market Signals here

Gareth Dixon