Predictive Targeting 2 | Incumbents

The probability of a brand requiring a new supplier is significantly influenced by the success, stability, nature and entrenchment of the agency relationships on its roster. The second in our series about Predictive Targeting considers incumbent-based signals. 

From the 22 categories of signal that Rainmaker tracks to power our predictions, the next category we've explored is incumbent-based signals.These include the duration of client / agency relationships, financial stresses, the loss of key agency staff, negative media coverage, restructuring, M&A or even office moves - all factors that can disrupt, destabilise or indicate the likely deterioration of a supplier relationship.

We discuss the signals we use and how our methodology helped us to predict opportunities with brands including Lidl, Just Eat, Npower, L’Oréal and Barclaycard.

Download PDF: Predictive Targeting 2 | Incumbents here

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Gareth Dixon