NoLo Brands

After many false starts and years of languishing at less than 1% of the UK’s total beverage market, the alcohol free drinks category has been going through a period of innovation and accelerated growth. UK alcohol consumption has decreased by 10%. One in three 16-24-year olds drink no alcohol at all, and 1 in 6 beers bought in Spain is alcohol free.

The NoLo category is currently worth £42.5m, up 29.2% annually. The rise of craft beer has enhanced flavour and variety in the category and the likes of Seelip and Stryyk are disrupting the spirits sector where sales of non-alcoholic options are up over 400%.

In this briefing we’ve profiled 25 brands spanning non and low-alcohol beer, spirits and wine alternatives. Whether you are a creative agency, rights-holder or consultancy this briefing gives you all you need to plan and execute a successful business development campaign to this highly lucrative and rapidly growing category.

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Adam Killip