Mental Wellbeing At Work

The topic of mental health in the workplace is thankfully starting to get the attention it deserves. In the UK, over 15 million working days are lost each year due to poor employee mental wellbeing – costing the economy an estimated £94 billion. What’s more, it’s predicted that one in three UK workers will be formally diagnosed with a mental health condition in their lifetime.

And while social media conglomerates rush to remove their “like” counts, employers are also realising the full extent of their role in ensuring the mental wellbeing of their workforce. With poor mental health impacting everything from employee productivity, performance and morale to retention and recruitment rates, some companies are pouring money into the best schemes and solutions across benefits, reward, L&D and employer branding that HR providers and consultancies have to offer.

For this briefing, we have identified 20 companies looking to invest in the mental wellbeing of their workforce this year.

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Adam Killip