Writing For New Business

A thoughtful, relevant email has the capacity to not only capture attention, but to create a certain kind of spark that hijacks the brain, and can be kindled all the way through to a pitch opportunity.

Drawing on over two decades of best practice expertise and hundreds of thousands of separately tailored outreach communications, the second in Rainmaker’s New Business Dynamics series of reports offers conclusions as to what works, and what to avoid, when using the written word to communicate your business case. You can Download a PDF of the full report here.

Some highlights from the report:- 

  • Channel realities - For all its flaws, email is still the dominant channel for business comms. We examine the current landscape and reveal how we anticipate this will evolve.
  • The effective email - Concise, tailored emails can be highly effective in building a context for progressive dialogue. Our best practice advice on achieving this. 
  • What do buyers look for? - What do marketers have to say about the approaches they receive? Which marketing services are more challenging to pitch by email?
  • The context is content - Making the content you produce for new business work as hard as possible for you.

Rainmaker helps agencies of all disciplines to deliver consistent and profitable new business - including delivering written comms and proactive follow up on their behalf to generate opportunities. If you would be interested in a conversation about how we can help your agency grow, We’d be delighted to hear from you. 

Anthony Cooper