The Essential 20

The results are in. We have a definitive list of the top 2,000 media spenders of 2017, which channels they invested in, and how their budgets have shifted. As you might expect, there have been significant changes:

  • 322 new brands joined the top 2,000 media spenders list with a combined spend of £387m. In 2016, these brands were all spending under £423k.
  • In addition, 596 members of the top 2,000 increased their budgets - adding £2.8bn to their media spend in 2017 compared to the previous year. 

If your agency is looking to win business with the UK's largest media spenders, Pearlfinders' platform of real-time research, insights and data delivers a complete picture of brands’ spending intentions - transforming new business campaign planning.

To illustrate the power of this insight, we’ve cross-referenced media spend data with our first-hand interviews, to profile 20 brands to watch this year.


From the 918 companies in the top 2,000 that increased media spend, Pearlfinders has profiled 20 brands to watch in 2018. This report includes:

  • The Essential 20 - First hand insight on 20 brands significantly ramping up media spend.
  • Budget Multipliers – the 20 brands that recorded the greatest percentage increase in total budget.
  • Changing channels – an overview of how spend across each media channel has shifted for the top 2,000.



Anthony Cooper