Growing business in new territories

In the pursuit of revenue and sustainable growth, keeping an eye on the opportunities offered by other global markets is easier said than done.

Events over the last few weeks in the UK demonstrate how rapidly the commercial environment can change. Those who adapt and are agile in their pursuit of fresh opportunities globally will always be the ones who prosper.

But while most would agree that securing clients in new territories is desirable, many businesses are hesitant. At Rainmaker, we understand that it's not as simple as opening a new office and waiting for the work to roll in. Every successful grand tour requires careful planning - and can often start with a single step - which is where we come in...

Road tripping in the Emirates
One WPP branding agency wanted to test the market for their services in the UAE. Already a client of Rainmaker, their MD wanted to capitalise on his visit to a conference in the area. We coordinated a series of meetings and opportunities to pitch. The resulting increase in awareness and wins enabled the agency to open a permanent office in Dubai.

Stateside counterparts
We were already helping a leading market research consultancy to win work in Europe, when its CEO told us he wanted to expand into the US. He was confident there was demand for their expertise, but having recently been acquired, needed to justify this to the new owners. We quickly built a pipeline of prospects, mirroring the agency's European target list, identifying US counterparts and leveraging existing relationships. With briefs secured and staff recruited, they opened offices in New York and then San Francisco.

Merging markets
A digital agency we work with recently acquired a US mobile shop. We helped identify synergies and opportunities in their merged prospect pool before proactively taking their combined offer to both US and European brands. The agency now has two US offices - in New York and Los Angeles.

First-hand local knowledge
As the only new business consultancy with access to Pearlfinders Asia, we are at a distinct advantage when prospecting to Greater China, Singapore and Malaysia. Every day we use Pearlfinders' first-hand research, conducted in Mandarin, to ensure our outreach is always sensitive to the latest cultural and emerging consumer trends. This week we learned that beer is not seen as a "viable drink" to order in Hong Kong (but wine is) and that Singapore's lack of waves is proving to be a challenge for Billabong...

Rainmaker's entrepreneurial, global approach helps everyone from Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, CHI&Partners, Iris, Interbrand, Edelman and Maxus, to Dropbox, Oracle, FC Barcelona, Aon, Aston Martin and Kettle Chips to generate fresh revenue.

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