What does Brexit mean for new business?

Since it became clear early on Friday morning that the UK had voted in favour of leaving the European Union, many have questioned how agencies will prosper under the new conditions we find ourselves working within.

One thing we know with certainty is that when brands go through change – whether in terms of ownership, launching new products, a focus on different territories, or, most importantly in the current climate, a startling change of operating environment – it creates opportunities for marketing agencies of all descriptions. 

The UK has been and will continue to be a global hub of creativity as well as of commerce and entrepreneurialism. Potentially now more than ever, brands will seek to harness all three of these characteristics as they adjust to new realities over the coming months and years. Marketing services companies have the ability to advise and lead their clients through this period of change, helping them to seize opportunities available.

As markets stabilise over coming months and the details of the type of exit being negotiated become clear, longer-term opportunities across all main industry sectors will emerge. It is essential in the meantime to:-

Remain front of mind
Rainmaker clients are perfectly positioned to capitalise on this period of change over the coming months and years to ensure your growth objectives are realised. We’re able to discuss your offer sensitively and intelligently with your prospects to ensure you are front of mind as they seek trusted agency advisers and partners to deliver new projects. We keep you aware of the insights we uncover and is always ready discuss any adjustments to your messaging or target list accordingly.

It all starts with research
Clearly there are a huge number of unknowns about what impact will be felt by particular sectors. Over the coming weeks and as the picture becomes clearer, Rainmaker is the only new business consultancy able to access Pearlfinders insight; informing our understanding of your market. We use this real-time primary research to help shape the campaign plans of our clients and ensure we’re adapting to the changes.

Think globally
Rainmaker has been winning work for UK and US clients with brands in the US and Asia for 20 years. If you'd like to discuss how we can help you broaden your client base in both the UK and globally, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss this.