In 1996 we set out to solve a gap in the market for a more intelligent approach to new business acquisition, and creative and marketing agencies was where our journey began.

Our first clients included Iris, DDB, Imagination, Havas EHS, RAPP, Landor, Brand Union, Interbrand, and others of all shapes and sizes. But we quickly discovered that with an entrepreneurial mindset it is possible to win new business anywhere, so we launched Pearlfinders as a resource to detect opportunities across industries globally, and evolved Rainmaker to apply our thinking as a strategic new business consultancy.

Our efforts not only provided substantial revenues for our clients, but at the same time opened our eyes to new horizons of opportunity, diversifying our group client list. Today it includes: Oracle, Avaya, Virgin Media, Aon, Kettle Chips, Aston Martin, Chicago Bulls and Paris St Germain. They each use our tools and our thinking to help them win new business…anywhere.

Though our reach now extends throughout the c-suite decision-making process, and within major brands from London, to New York to Singapore, the marketing world remains a core focus. We deliver a level of output across our portfolio, month-in month-out, that empowers our clients to take control of their new business strategy and is significantly ahead of others in our space. We partner them all with entrepreneurial thinking to best address markets with their unique solution to the business challenges we uncover. 

Rainmakers do amazing things and we play our part in helping our clients do amazing things too. 

  • We optimise your business for successfully engaging with the cold marketplace
  • We examine your competitive space then jointly create compelling messaging to seize your prospects attention
  • We create a scheduled outreach campaign tailored to each prospect via all relevant channels
  • We access hard-to reach brand decision-makers , sensitively and intelligently as an extension of your new business department
  • We discuss each brands challenges and agenda, shaping the conversation around how your unique services would solve them
  • We secure for you the opportunity to pitch your solutions face-to-face with meticulously qualified decision-makers
  • In all of these things we perform better than any other provider