Reliable Sauces

With bottles boasting original recipes, secret ingredients and family-sourced names, the UK condiments category has a history rich in heritage – as a result, these brands naturally search for a great deal more than simple awareness. From understanding ever-shifting consumer preferences to NPDs that can deliver on increasing calls for healthier ingredients, condiments marketers are trying their hand at everything from putting fresh spins on existing ideas (enter Heinz Mayochup) to finding new uses for established products (introducing: Branston Pickle Cottage Pie).

If you’re keen to understand the marketing plans, priorities and challenges of the UK’s best-loved condiments brands, our first in a series of Pearlfinders briefings on the FMCG sector is for you. Drawing on our extensive insight across the condiments segment, we’ve profiled the marketing priorities of 10 reliable UK sauces.

You can download this briefing here



Anthony Cooper