The CSR 40

In today’s socioeconomic climate, the demand for transparency from the world’s largest companies on matters of health, environment, diversity and gender equality has never been greater. With brands across Europe racing to showcase their philanthropy – and adhere to a constant stream of new regulations - Pearlfinders has this year seen CSR briefs in the consumer goods sector rise 10%, investment in projects to reduce emissions more than triple and brand inclusivity become a necessity for both the customer aquisition and staffing of many blue-chip brands.

With PR, sponsorship, branding, strategy and social media activity all effective channels of CSR investment, identifying where the best opportunities for your organisation lie can be a challenge. Pearlfinders latest briefing takes a look at 40 major brands investing in their corporate reputations, their CSR objectives, current marketing activity and the key decision-makers in charge of budgets. In addition, we’ve analysed our data to identify the top sectors for sustainable investment, taken a closer look at financial brands’ activity and categorised our top 40 into the following focus areas: health, environment, community and diversity.

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Anthony Cooper