Finding Agency Growth and Profit in 2017

I wanted to share a quick post about our next client event, in partnership with The Drum. On 13th December, we’ll be bringing together brands, agencies and analysts to consider what 2017 has in store, and where the opportunities for serious agency growth might come from.

I’m especially looking forward to chairing the “Pearlfinding in Action” discussion, where I’ll be asking budget-holders from brands including Airbnb and Mondelēz about their plans and predictions for 2017. 

It will also be the first chance to hear where The Pearlfinders Index is forecasting growth opportunities for 2017. I’ve been cross-referencing the opportunities Rainmaker has created in 2016 with last year’s Index, and have found it to be accurate to within +/-2% for nearly every sector we target on behalf of our clients. It was also right on the money with regards the growth of the experiential channel this year.

You can read more details about what to expect at the event here.  

Gareth Dixon