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“I’m into streetwear and collaborations between apparel brands, so I’ve naturally had my eye on the North Face x Supreme partnership in recent years (say what you will about their products, Supreme has nailed brand creation).  Following a previous conversation with a European colleague at VF as part of an extended campaign, I reached out to the Brand President in the US using my knowledge and appreciation of the creativity behind the collaborations, particularly their recent winter collection.  This opened the door for our client so that they could introduce their expertise in the sector and has resulted in an ongoing dialogue regarding a potential RFP in a few months.”


“Leafing through a copy of Men’s Health Magazine (not mine I promise!) I came across an ad for a high protein ice cream called Koupe. I’d not heard of them before, but was aware of the growing trend for protein enriched snacks and reached out cold to the marketing director on behalf of a PR shop we’re working with. I learned that their challenge was creating awareness in the UK market, where it was seeking supermarket listings, and positioned our client’s capabilities as a good fit. A meeting was arranged. Having successfully pitched for the account, our client created an integrated comms plan to launch Koupe to trade press, develop nationwide UK awareness and buzz via a network of influencers and brand ambassadors. They ultimately secured a listing in Ocado and Waitrose and are working with our client on further projects as we speak.”


“A friend of mine works at Metro Bank and recommended I opened a savings account there. When I went into one of their branches for the first time and got chatting to a manager I found out about all of their great community work and educational programmes they are involved in. It baffled me that I hadn’t been more aware of these projects, especially considering the culture of Metro Bank which places so much emphasis on being invested in the communities they serve. I saw this as a great opportunity to have a conversation with their comms team about how they could be using this CSR activity to better engage their target audience. Following this, I was able to create an opportunity for my client to meet with them to discuss how Metro could improve its communications in this space.”

"Attending fashion week events I saw that Hunter Boot was integrating the use of large OOH digital screens in the coverage of their presentations/shows. Knowing Hunter were still trying to break into the US market, I called the NY office to introduce them to my client and share how we would be able to build on the momentum in their digital innovation in the UK. The logic to them was inescapable and they happily agreed to meet up with my client”. 


"It was a cold winter morning in January. Whilst picking up a regular Mocha from Caffè Nero in Exmouth Market, I saw they were not stocking my client KETTLE Chips. I ran straight to my desk and called Matt Spencer, their Commercial Director. He told me I could not have got in touch at a better time as the group were about to kick off their snack review, although toying with the idea of own branded crisps. Using my new knowledge of the cost of attaining a production line for such a product, we had a lengthy conversation around the limitation of doing so. This influenced the group’s thinking away from own brand and they agreed to try a few of our core range samples. Matt loved the range and a meeting was arranged. KETTLE attended this meeting to win the nationwide Caffè Nero account, selling three core ranges, and a fourth on rotation. Caffè Nero and KETTLE are now in a strong working relationship with hopes to continue this for many years."


"Whilst on the tube into work I noticed Propercorn had launched a new ATL campaign focused on colourful billboards placed around tube stations. I checked their social channels and saw they had not noticeably increased activity to coincide with this campaign launch. After discussing it with a Client Partner at Rainmaker, we added Propercorn to the target list for our social content agency. I spoke to their Creative Producer, relayed my tube journey impression to them, and we discussed the importance of supporting ATL with strong social content to ensure customers whose attention is grabbed by the campaign and wish to engage with the brand further, are not then met by bland content that turns them off. My personal interest in the issue from the journey into work, undoubtedly resonated with Propercorn and they allowed me to set up a face to face opportunity for my client, a content marketing agency, to pitch a solution for ongoing work in this area."

Picturehouse Cinema

"I went to Picturehouse Cinema after work one day. They were advertising memberships, so I called the Head of Marketing the next day to discuss how we would be able to drive subscriptions and renewals. This then led to an opportunity for my client to pitch a solution and this is what they said afterwards: “The Picturehouse meeting went very well.  They were interested in the social events package and also would like us to come back with thoughts on the Picturehouse Central membership package and how we could position for summer as well as a launch campaign for a new Picturehouse opening in July.”

"Kabuto were doing lots of outdoor advertising on tube/train lines driving people to purchase in Sainsbury’s, which was often a bit of a trek from the advertising billboard/poster. I did some digging, found the marketing director's mobile on the website. I had a good chat with him to explain that whoever is buying their media space isn’t doing a thorough enough analysis of where the space is being bought – as such he sent over a non-disclosure agreement and we went to have a face to face meeting the week after to discuss how we could better use their £350k media buying spend."